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Realme Upcoming Phones 2021 – Reality V15, Realme c20, Realme GT 5G

Realme Upcoming Phones 2021

Realme Upcoming Phones 2021– You will get to know today that in this year, Realme is one of the friends of Realme Indian Popular Phone Company, who launched the phone from its cone con.

Realme Upcoming Phones 2021

Realme Upcoming Phones 2021

The company became a more well-known company in the launch of its many phones in the market and these people have liked it very much. Realme Upcoming Phones 2021 were less so that people bought them a lot, now they sell their phones all over India.

Reality V15 (Latest)

Realme has also given the list of its Realme Upcoming Phones 2020 Reality V15, this phone is said to be the best phone of Reality yet, this phone will be launched in the market soon. The best thing you can find in Reality V15 is non-removal Li. -Ion 4310 mAh battery you get.

you can use this phone all day, yet you cannot drain its battery, whether you watch videos or work in movies and internet, this is the biggest feature of this phone, Reality v15 In this you get 64g of storage, in this you get 6gb of RAM, in this you also get 64mp + 8mp + 2mp tripper lens premiere camera and front camera is 16 mp, v 15 Realme in the rate of upcoming phones, its rate is Rs. You get Dispile 1024 2400 in it.

Realme GT 5G

Realme GT is the second phone in the list of upcoming phones Realme GT 5G phone. This is the latest phone of realme, its best is that it is very different from 5g to 4g. It will have its new features and its running speed is also 4g. It will be many times more than this. it will be a 5g phone of realme, Realme has denied it one of its powerful phones, which will have a rate of about ४g, in this you get many new features Realme Upcoming Phones. Realme GT 5G You will get Display 6.43-inch Hey, you also get Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 in it and you also get Rear Camera 64MP + 8MP + 2MP which takes your very beautiful photos, you also get Front Camera 16MP. You can buy the color that you like, you can get 8gb of RAM and 128gb of storage in 5g, and in this you get Battery Capacity 4500mAh.

Realme c20

Realme Upcoming Phones 2021

Realme C20 is the fastest phone in Realme Upcoming Phones, it is the cheapest phone in the 4g of Realme, which has less storage space and less work rate and also has launched it in the market for the work rate in which Display 6.50-inch (720×1600) which is full HD and also has Processor MediaTek Helio G35 and Rear Camera 8MP which makes the picture more beautiful and front camera 5MP in Realme c 20 has its battery capacity of 5000mAh which is all day. It offers 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage in it.

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Final Word –

So far, many Realme Upcoming Phones 2021 and Smartphone have come in the market of Realme. All of us have used this device at some time or the other. It has launched several versions in front of us, which includes devices ranging from low price to high price. All its mobiles are better, their camera quality and its features are the latest. You can buy them from your nearest Realme store.