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Mobile OS – Types of Mobile Operating Systems And Popular Mobile OS

Mobile OS

There is a Mobile Operating System (Mobile OS) software, which helps to run all types of Android and Smartphone and tablets. It also works on all types of personal computers. You can use many types of OS for computer. Allows mobile devices to run their applications and programs.

Mobile OS

Mobile OS

Any Mobile OS usually starts when an operating system supplies power to a device, or clicks any of the icons on the device’s screen. So OS introduces information and provides application access. This mobile operating system manages to access cellular and wireless network connectivity.

Types of Mobile Operating Systems

Today, many mobile devices have different operating systems. It has two of the most widely used OS. The first iPhone OS, which works on Apple iOS devices. The second is Google’s open source OS, Google Android. Both mobile OS are adopted for the mobile operating system.

Apple only distributes devices that only support iOS. Today you get to see many types of users in its market. Apple developed iOS to run on its XNU kernel. Along with this, there is another Android operating system, whose users are the most in mobile today. It is used by many companies, it is the easiest and easiest to run.

Popular Mobile OS Platforms 

Mobile OS

  1. BlackBerry OS: The BlackBerry operating system is a mobile operating system developed by RIM. It is specifically designed for BlackBerry handheld devices. This operating system is beneficial for corporate users, in which you get features like Microsoft Exchange, Novel Groupwise Email, Lotus Domino.
  2. IPhone OS: iOS is designed by Apple Inc. for its iphone The iOS operating system remains a popular operating system among iphone users today.
  3. Symbian OS: The Symbian Operating System provides a high degree of integration with communication in mobile. It is based on the Java language. Its main function is to add middleware to wireless communication and personal information management functionality. It was made by Symbian Limited in 1998 for mobile phones.
  4. Windows Mobile OS: It was developed by Microsoft. It is used for pocket PCs and smart mobiles.
  5. Harmony OS: Harmony OS operating system is the latest mobile operating system, it is used in Huawei’s Smartphone. It is primarily designed for IOT devices.
  6. Palm OS: Palm operating is also an operating system. Which is designed by Palm Limited for use on personal digital assistants. It was first brought to the public in 1996. Palm OS is also known as Garnet OS by many users.
  7. WebOS: WebOS is used in all HP mobile devices. This touchpad webOS is a mobile operating system, which was developed by Palm. This operating system is based on the Linux kernel. Much better in performance.
  8. Android OS: The Android operating system is most commonly used across devices. Today it is the most popular operating system. It is based on Linux kernel and open-source software. It is fast and user friendly, in this you get many types of features. The Android Operating System was developed by Google.
  9. Bada: Bada operating system is designed by Samsung. It works with the Samsung mobile operating system. Which was launched in 2010. Samsung was the first mobile to use the Tarang Bada operating system. After this, many of its devices have come in the market. It offers many features in mobile, such as 3-D graphics, installation and multipoint-touch etc.

All these Mobile operating systems are designed for Smartphone and tablets. We hope you will like our post today.