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Microsoft Launcher APK- Latest For Android

Microsoft Launcher APK

Customizing the phone is easy with the help of Microsoft Launcher APK. Android is the right place for this. Microsoft APKs allow launchers to be integrated into users’ devices. You can free download this apk from the play store, but if you want to use all its features, then you have to download it from our site. Microsoft apk launcher is one of the most downloaded launchers,

Microsoft Launcher APK

Microsoft Launcher APK

This application is needed so that you can further customize your settings to the Android user. If you want to make some changes to your device and the default interface is annoying, then it needs to be changed accordingly. Which you get through Microsoft apk. While there is not a direct way to apply your settings to specific areas, the launcher brings a new look to your phone screen.

There are many types of longer in front of you which you can use for yourself. Some launchers exist for download on the Play Store. Some are free, some are not (eg mi x launcher apk). If you want to change in some theme on your phone or you have to make some changes in its interface, then you can do this apk.

A normal launcher will change every visual aspect of your phone. For example, if you are tired of your original icon, give your launcher a chance to change it. Which gives your device a new look. All applications will look different, depending on how much effort the manufacturer puts into its launcher. All of them have different features that help you change the device in a new way.

Features Of Microsoft Launcher APK

Microsoft Launcher APK Overview

Microsoft APK upgrade project. It comes with loads of exciting features, such as feed, Cortana, Dock, theme, etc. which bring many changes for your device. Visually, it brings a beautiful look to your phone. Usage and performance are reduced

Customize Dock

To reach the dock, swipe the line just below the Bing search bar. Which takes you to the post. Instead of swiping down like a normal Android phone, you get to go in the opposite direction. But with the help of this, you can cloud his direction. Settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or Airplane mode can be found in the dock. That helps you. It is fully customizable, and you can also add it as a camera, or notes.

Microsoft Launcher APK

Home Screen

Launcher helps you to change the screen in many ways like you can put google search on the main screen. Google at the top and Bing at the bottom. There are good tools for you to navigate through information sources.
There are some applications on the first tab, and if you swipe all the way to the right, you will get a feed. Which helps you to get to the application menu.


Many types of wallpaper are available on the phone, but if you do not like the WH, then this Microsoft apk launcher gives you the opportunity to install many types of wallpaper so that you can give a new look to your phone.

Bing features daily wallpaper I am really fond of. It resembles your Windows 10 lock screen. It changes your wallpaper regularly. In this, you get a new update daily.

Download Microsoft Launcher APK

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Friends, we have given you all the information about Microsoft Launcher APK here, which gives you an excellent tool to customize Android phones. We can use this application for free. From daily wallpaper to deep tweaking, it is one of the best launchers out there. You get everything in setting the wallpaper in a new way.

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