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How Can I Track My Lost Android Phone For Free

Lost Android

If your device is lost or stolen. In such a situation, the security of the data in your device becomes important. In today’s modern times, Google has the technology to search the device and protect the data in the device.

But sometimes a situation arises that it becomes impossible to find the device. In such a situation, using the “Lost Android” option, the data of the device can be erased keeping in mind the security of the data present in the device.

All this is possible due to the “Google Find My Device” app. This helps in tracking your lost device as well as protecting the data contained in the device.

How To Locate a Lost Android Smartphone?

How Can I Track My Lost Android Phone For Free

To find, lock, or erase data contained in the device, the Android device has some essential and important conditions. First, the user has to switch on the phone. To proceed with this process, the user has to sign in with their Google account,

Ensure the user is connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi, as well as appear on Google Play, their location settings must be turned on, if you meet all these important requirements, then follow these steps available to the user must make sure to do:

Track My Lost Android Phone Online

  1. Open on any PC or phone. And sign in to your Google account, after signing in, you see the phone on the top left corner of your phone or PC. You have to choose your lost phone. So that is lost. Here you see the details of the phone, in which you will get details about the battery life and at what time it was online.
  2. On Google Maps on the device’s screen, you will see an approximate location of the device. This way you will see the last known location of your device, if available.
  3. In the next step, you can select the play sound option to make your phone ring non-stop for five minutes, It is fine to do this when you reach that place or you are around the device.
  4. If you want to lock the screen of your device, you can lock the screen easily. You have to choose “Secure Device Options” in the device; from here you can lock your phone.
  5. If such a situation arises that it is impossible to match the device, then you can select the third option “Android Lost“. Through this, you can erase the device. Use this option in the last option. With you permanently delete all the data of your phone. By doing this “Find My Device” in your device will not work on the phone.
  6. If your device is present in an unknown area, you are warned not to try to recover your phone yourself, this can be risky. Instead, contact law enforcement.

Last word

Friends, in this way you can protect the data contained on Android and phone to a great extent by studying the pre-written guidelines. And many times you can “lose Android” if an adverse situation arises.

In this way, you strengthen your important steps to protect your device.

Thank you