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What’s The Difference Between Android And Harmony OS

Harmony OS

Harmony OS is an operating system designed by Huawei. This is its first-party operating system, which is used in smartphones.

This current GMS-less Android software is capable of fulfilling the company’s Smartphone prospects. harmony os has recently launched a new version of Harmony OS 2.0 beta for its smartphones and tablets, which has proved to be a much better response.

What is Harmony OS?

What is Harmony OS?

Has started its long journey from GMS-less Android with OS. Talking about this operating system, it is different from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android conflict. This first release of Harmony OS 2.0 is based on Android.

Through this, you can take full advantage of hardware capabilities from a diverse range of mobiles. Basically, involve them in your development process.

It provides a faster and smoother speed to the device. Inside it, you get all the features that you are given in any other operating system.

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No Difference  Between Harmony OS And Android

Many people believe that there is some kind of difference between Harmony OS and Android. But we want to tell you that they are capable of doing the same work.

There is no difference between This OS all-new ‘OS and Android. The OS 2.0 beta made by Huawei is quite easy to use. Its emulator runs from Huawei’s servers, so you can use them as approved developers by Huawei.

ArsTechnica researches how the Harmony OS 2.0 interface is similar to Huawei’s EMUI Android skin. They felt EMUI as ported and This OS.

An OS system is a number of Android system components, including an app. Which makes it easy and easy to run all types of applications? The sample apps created with Huawei’s SDK are similar to Android APK files, which easily work across all Android mobiles. It can be unreserved like all zip files.

Is Harmony OS Based On Android?

If we talk about Harmony OS, then it is an independent operating system. This will break away from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android conflict for all mobile ecosystems. So you can call it an operating system based on Android. Today it works better with other Android devices and its user interface is much better.

Harmony OS Better Than Android

All users want something new over time. Keeping this in mind, Google is developing its new operating system, but it has not been brought out yet.

Google knows that Android will be outdated and will not meet our needs. Therefore, he has started work on his own operating system.

Speaking of speed, we need a new operating system in smartphones today, which is more flexible and faster than the current Android OS. In the OS made by This operating system, you get all this very easily.

Harmony started building a new operating system in 2012 a long time ago. But many competitors have come forward to make it better, due to which Huawei has been banned from using American Android and its applications.


We can say that Huawei introduced its new operating system Harmony OS to the world. Which is more flexible and faster than Android. You can use it, the features inside its Android force you to use it like this. According to the Huawei manufacturer, one line of  OS code works on 100 lines of Android code.