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Bliss Operating System – Create a Partition for Dual Boot Bliss.

Bliss os

Bliss Operating System, after releasing its first experimental Android 10 build in November, has brought its second version to the market. Its x86s has released the new Android 10 beta. This new build, called Yantra, is being used. This is a great operating system. It is based on AOSP with a touch of pixel enhancement, which has a much better response.

Bliss Operating System

Bliss Operating System

The Bliss Operating System includes Paranoid Android, Omni, and more. It is an open-source OS based on the Android platform, which provides many customizations, features, and support to extended devices.

This is for any Chromebook, Windows / Linux PC, and tablet released in the last 4 years.

Bliss is designed to achieve better speed and flexibility. Speed and stability have been noted with tweaks for more demanding applications and devices.

Bliss OS Device v12.2 comes with improvements and new features. In this, you are given the opportunity to use many of the best features. We have told you some features related to Bliss, which you can see below.

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What is Bliss OS? Bliss OS Features.

Have used custom ROM flash in Android so far. Many people may be aware of Bliss OS. The reason for this is, it is being used in many types of smartphones of Aja.

It comes with many customization options, capable of providing the user with an inside experience. Bliss OS is an open-source operating system for Windows and PCs. It easily operates all types of applications and software.

It’s based on the stable version of Android Pie. Which is suitable for tablets and laptops of Intel / x86 PCs. It does not have to face any problem in running. Bliss Operating System has many classic Windows features that you will know when using it. You can run Bliss OS with all versions of Windows.

Updated Features Of Bliss Operating System

  • Can add more improvements to your system for sleep.
  • If sleep is missing from the power menu. So you can access it using Ctrl + Alt + Del or a three-dot menu from the taskbar.
  • In this, you get 3 types of sleeping options, such as double-tap, sleeping to status bar or lock screen, etc.
  • Common kernel updates for kernel-4.19
  • Fast speed
  • Supported for all types of windows
  • Fixes for sound and volume on devices
  • Supports CPU architecture.
  • Available with upstream updates

Create a Partition for dual boot bliss.

If you want to dual boot Bliss OS, you can do it easily. For this, you need to create a partition. By shrinking your existing partition, you can create a new partition in it. For this, you have to create a partition of at least 50 GB. And, rename the drive with the Bliss OS keyword. This allows you to easily identify two drives.

Partition process –

1. Turn off the PC.
2. Connect the USB drive
3. Press the power key to start Windows.
4. Press the Esc or Delete key for the boot process.
5. Startup menu will appear
6. Press the key for the boot device.
7. Select a USB drive.
8. Bliss OS installation window will open.
In this way, you can divide the Bliss Operating System into two parts.