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Android One – Which Phone Does Android One Support?

Android One

Android One was designed to make users feel comfortable. Android One can be called Google-promoted third-party Android. It is designed for Smartphone users for new-age mobile phones. It was first introduced at Google’s interface operating developer conference in 2014.

Android One Android One

With the launch of 2020 last year, Android One was brought to the flagship level, and is being used in smart phones. Android One is a Google-devised program used by the hardware manufacturers that make smart phones. It is labeled on the back of such a phone, being a part of Android One. Android One is able to function independently, it comes without any accessories. You do not find any duplicate apps in it. Those who bother the user or take more storage in their device. It definitely comes for you to use.

Which phone does Android One support?

Android One supports many types of devices easily. First of all talk about the phone, it was used in HTC U11 Life 2017. It was the first Android One Handset to use it for its phone. It was partnered with Nokia devices which retained it in the market. There was a full range of devices ranging from Nokia 5.3 to Nokia 9.

Along with this, join the list with LG G7 One, after that Xiaomi Mi A2 has also tied up with the company. This device runs on Android One instead of the normal MIUI. All the devices used in it provide you a pure Android experience free from bloat. And these are really quicker to update to newer versions than other devices.

What are the features of Android One?

In Android One, you get many different features that make it better. Android one is described as the purest. The best version of Android is available with it. It offers all the features of a core operating system. Its main features like –

Google Apps

In this you get Google software, such as Google Duo, to watch YouTube videos and get maps. There is no other extra application in it. It is a full suite of Google services and its applications.

Google Assistant

You can easily use Google Assistant in this. Android One phones are optimized for Google Assistant, you do not face any problem in using it.

Google Support

You get Google support with Android One. This will get you an upgrade to the latest version of Android for two years. If your phone needs some kind of update, then you will not need to wait for it, you can make such updates easily without waiting for the manufacturer of your device to roll the update.

Manufacturer Hardware Support

Android One

This is another of its better features, it also gives you support for the hardware elements of the Android One manufacturer’s device. With this you can add some hardware features with the software. It gives you the permission to add other features. You will also find camera apps made by the manufacturers that the company makes. You do not have to use another Android camera for this.

Final Word –

Friends, the difference between Android and Android One is that Android One uses fully open source. Users can make some changes according to what they want. Which gives more convenience to the, device user and provides a customized environment.

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