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Android Device Manager – How Do We Use Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is today’s security-related facility. This helps us in locating our lost or stolen device. This allows you to view all the tools associated with your framework and system. As well as this is capable of erasing remotely lock or Android lock.

Android Device Manager

This is a better technology to protect our device. To use this technology on our Android device, we have to link our Android with our Google name.

What Can You Do With Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager

You can control your Android device remotely. Using some common instructions with Android Device Manager:

  • Locating the device.
  • Lock or Ring or Wipe (Choose our action).
  • Wipe the device if no chance of recovery.
  • Help a friend to track and control a lost/stolen device.

Locating The Device

First of all, the user has to install Android Device Manager on the device. And at the same time, the user should add their Google Account. By doing this, the user can track their device including any other device. The owner of the device is able to find the device with the help of Google Maps. Even if the device has been stolen or lost somewhere. Android Device Manager supports connecting multiple devices.

Lock or Ring or Wipe (Choose Our Action)

If the device is disappears lost or lost due to some reason, the device user can choose the option to lock his device. Or can ring to protect your data. The device owner is also able to change the PIN and password of the device.

A message appears on the device’s lock screen to contact the device owner. This device starts ringing even when the device is ringer down or off, it also starts ringing at its maximum volume. It will keep ringing like this for the next five minutes.

In this way, the owner of the device can access his phone by signing on to any of his friend’s computer or phone on the Android Manager’s website or app.

Apparently, any device owner with this feature is always connected with their device.

Wipe The Device If No Chance of Recovery

When it is confirmed that it is impossible to recover your lost device. So even in such a situation, you are able to clean the device using Android Device Manager. To do this you have to use the “lock or ring” option on the device. You can use it even when your lost device is turned off.

To do this, you need to connect the device and use the “wipe option” to bring your device back to the same settings. In this way, no user can misuse your device’s data under any circumstances.

Help Control Lost Mobile

You get the option of logging in here as a “guest” from the Android Device Manager key. This option allows you to control (lock, ring, or wipe) your device to a friend who has either lost or stolen the device.

How Do We Use Android Device Manager?

This app is very easy to use. After downloading and installing this app on your device, the user has to keep in mind some of the easy guidelines displayed below:-

  • First of all, we have to connect our Android Device Manager to our Google Account.
  • The user must ensure that the device location is turned on.
  • Now enable remote data wipe.
  • We can now control your device by logging on to Android Device Manager’s website or app through our Google account. Whether the device was lost or stolen.
  • When we log in, here we see “Popup Dashboard”. Our device options are available.
  • We can check the location of our device with the Google Maps key.
  • Said last time the phone was offline. We can also know about the information about the battery level of the phone.
  • You can choose to play your device continuously to the maximum level by choosing the option of Play Sound.
  • Can secure the data of the device. So that there was no misuse of data.

Note: – Once the device is completely cleaned, in such a situation you cannot access it from this app.

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